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About Us

Alila Marea

What We Do

Geolo Capital, founded in 2005, is the San Francisco-based private equity investment arm of the John Pritzker family office. Historically focused on the hospitality and consumer sectors, Geolo is now a vertically integrated developer, investor and lender for hospitality and multifamily real estate. Geolo’s focus on long-term and sustainable growth in enterprise value is built on an in-depth understanding of industry fundamentals, established knowledge of demographic trends and consumer behavior.

  • Since inception in 2003, Geolo has invested in real estate projects representing over $2.5B of total capitalization.
  • Geolo’s multi-generational relationships and dynamic approach to evaluating risk-reward enables the firm to source and close compelling off-market transactions.
  • Geolo has the ability to invest across the capital stack including GP Equity, Co-GP Equity, LP Equity, Preferred Equity, and Mezzanine Debt.

Typical Lending Criteria

Investment Vehicle Mezzanine and Preferred Equity
Investment Size $10mm - $30mm
Geography United States
Asset Profile Hospitality, Multifamily, Mixed-Use Hospitality / Multifamily
Loan Term 2- 5 years
Loan to Value/Loan to Cost Max 75% LTV/C (no cash-out refinancing)
Rate Floating Rate Loans Priced Commensurate with Risk
Sponsor Experienced Sponsorship with Sufficient Liquidity / Net Worth


Thompson Seattle
Thompson Seattle

From investments in household names such as Ticketmaster, Aidells, Thompson Hotels, and Mandara Spa, Geolo has created value and cultivated world-class brands in four customer-facing industries: hospitality, entertainment, health-and-wellness and consumer products.

With an extensive track record, a powerful network and a deeply experienced management team, Geolo is well-equipped to create innovative marketing, financial, and operating strategies that deliver exceptional value to investors.

We are supported by three generations of relationships developed by the Pritzker Family. The result: privileged access to people, projects and opportunities that enable us to source and close off-market transactions.

Carmel Valley Ranch Golf
Carmel Valley Ranch

Case Study

When we invest, it is only with best-in-class brands and partners. For example, our real estate partnerships include prominent global players such as:

  • Angelo, Gordon & Co.
  • GFI Capital Resources Group
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Bentall Green Oak
  • Harilela Group
  • Portman Holdings
  • JMI Realty Partners
  • Magellan Development
  • Brown Legacy Group
  • HSBC
  • Magellan Development
  • JP Morgan Asset Management
  • Oak Tree Capital
  • Sterling Bay
  • Walton Street Capital
  • Wanxiang America Real Estate

In 2015, we launched an active partnership with Wanxiang America Real Estate, a subsidiary of China's largest private automotive components company, to invest in the United States. To date, we have acquired and are developing over $700 million in hospitality and multifamily properties in California, Illinois and Texas.


Whether executing ventures from the "ground up," undertaking historical adaptive reuse projects, or guiding anything in between, Geolo offers unmatched expertise at every level of the real estate acquisitions and development process. From transactions and underwriting to structuring and debt financing, our team manages every phase of a project: planning, architecture, design and construction.

We specialize in handling complex ventures with extraordinary agility. Unlike larger firms with elaborate bureaucracies, Geolo is streamlined and efficient while remaining inventive, strategic and nimble – traits critical to success in today's fast-paced markets.

Since we think and act like a private equity fund and a family office, we evaluate investments for both long-term appreciation and risk-adjusted Internal Rates of Return. Our philosophy is driven by visionary leadership and development expertise.

Chicago Athletic Association

Adaptive Reuse of an Historic Landmark

Case Study

Capital Partners

Hutton Hotel
Hutton Hotel

Geolo provides strategic capital solutions to likeminded entrepreneurs, developers and real estate investors. Geolo’s well-established track record in real estate development, operations and consumer products provides unmatched expertise, the ability to understand complex transactions and the agility to close quickly. Geolo’s current portfolio includes venture capital investments in real estate technology companies and consumer product companies; and debt investments in hospitality real estate developments.